Friday, 5 December 2008

Tough Dog Toys

Tough dog toys are something many dog owners are looking for to keep their pet happy for longer, as dog toys that last are always welcome in my home! My last post Kong Dog Treat Dispensers, looked at those cleverly designed devices for giving your dog a treat while he plays with the dog toy. Now we'll look more broadly at the reasons for giving your dog what can best be described as tough dog toys.

Tough dog toys come in all shapes and sizes and from a number of different manufacturers, but as you can see from the obvious theme of this blog, I'll be taking a closer look at those tough rubber dog toys made by the King Dog Toys company in particular.

Within the Kong Dog Toy range, there are many differently shapes and sized rubber dog toys that are very, very tough indeed and will take a dog with a lot of determination and strong teeth and jaws to get the better of. There are the classic Kong toy shaped as in the small image at the top of this page, that comes in red and is hollow and act like a dog treat dispenser for you to insert some nice dog treats. That's so that when your dog eventually catches the toy after you've thrown it, which will bounce all over the place, he will have something nice to keep him occupied for a while. There are also other different Kong toy shapes such as Kong dog bone shapes, dog dental sticks, dog balls etc. There is also a range of Kong puppy toy shapes that are perfect for chewing puppies to get their needle like teeth into!

Tough dog toys don't just come in the rubber dog toys variety either. You can also get some extremely tough dog toys that come in the shape of a rope dog toy, which is great for playing tug-of-war with your dog. He'll be able to pull and tug as much as he can but it'll be a long time before he manages to break it, if ever.

Tough Plush Dog Toys?

There are also a range of plush dog toys from Kong which are, for their type, extremely durable whilst being soft and fun to play with. Tough, plush dog toys that last are a great addition to your dog's toy basket and add variety and interest to your dog's playing times keeping him happy and contented for as long as you allow. With the Kong plush dog toys, they are double stitched for extra durability and come in a number of great shapes and designs, such as the soft bone, chicken, dinosaur as well as some nice tennis toys for dogs etc.

Of course, even the mighty Kong plush dog toys are not indestructible dog toys and to a determined dog they will eventually fall prey to his teeth, but they'll outlast the cheap versions by a very long margin. Cheap plush dog toys are something of a false economy as they are usually destroyed by your dog in a matter of minutes. However the Kong toys will last infinitely longer, making them a better choice in the long run.

Whichever tough dog toys you go for, bear in mind the well respected and highly recommended Kong dog toys for your dog, from their rubber dog toys through to the soft, plush dog toys. They'll all be appreciated by your dog, who is the one that'll be playing with them after all!

Kong Dog Toys

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kong Dog Treat Dispenser

As a follow up on my previous post Kong Rubber Toys for Dogs, where I outlined all of the Kong rubber dog toys, I'll get a bit more specific in this post. I want to take a closer look at the Kong dog treat dispensers that are available from the Kong Dog Toy company.

First of all, what is meant by a Kong dog treat dispenser?

Well, it is a device that you can put in some special doggie treats that will dispense the tasty morsels to your dog while he plays with it. This makes them especially useful for people who have to leave their dog at home on a regular basis, like for instance when you go to work.

It's a great idea as the dog is likely sitting around at home bored out of his skull just waiting for his beloved owner to return to the den. This gives him something to occupy himself with and while away the otherwise dead time spent alone.

Well, the range of "Planet Kong" doggie reward dispensing toys helps to break up that monotony a little by dispensing a tasty morsel of his favorite snack every so often while he chews away at the toy. It will keep your dog interested and alert as well as keeping him away from chewing more valuable items in your home!

There is one of the products called Stuff-a-Ball, which is an expandable ball that the dog can play with but that can also be stuffed with either edible dog chews, or the dental sticks that are so good for keeping his teeth clean.

There is also the Biscuit Ball, which is another great treatie dispensing toy with four posts for stuffing with doggy bones, dog biscuits or other tempting doggy chewables that the dog can munch away at rather than at your furniture!

Another clever product is the Goody Ship and Mini Goodie Ship, which are frisbee shaped toys that can be stuffed with dog biscuits or bones and played with your dog just like playing frisbees in the park. Except there is a nice surprise inside for your dog once he catches it!

There are also Goodie Balls and Goodie Bones that are, not surprisingly, ball and bone shaped rubber toys specially made for stuffing with chewie things that your dog is guaranteed to fall in love with!

New to the range is the Jump'n Jack, an ultra bouncy Kong toy in the same natural rubber as the other toys in the range. This toy is great fun as its "jack" shape means it has an unpredictable bounce that dogs love to chase plus the benefit of the food dispensing hollow that can be filled with your dog's favorite edible things.

Also in the Planet Kong range is an Xtreme Planet Kong set of products in many of the favourite shapes and toys just mentioned but in the Xtreme Kong material. This is super resilient rubber for larger dogs who have a mind to try to destroy anything they're given.

These are even more robust than the standard Kong dispensing products. So they are a good choice for owners of particularly destructive little darlings!

What dog wouldn't love to be playing with one of those right now?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Kong Rubber Toys for Dogs

Kong rubber toys for dogs is what this post is all about. Following on from my last post here entitled: Kong Tennis Toys for Dogs, I'm going to take a closer look at some of the highly popular Kong rubber toys for dogs. These rubber Kong dog toys are made from an exclusive, natural rubber compound that is extremely hard wearing and as close to indestructible as you're going to get in any dog toys.

So where do we start? Well, I've already talked extensively about the highly popular original Kong dog toys, those strange looking hollow red rubber dog throw toy that shaped like a rugby ball and bounces all over the place. That particular indestructible sdog chew rugby ball looking toy is easily the most popular with my dogs! So let's look at some of the other Kong dog toys that are available for dogs to have a good time with!

There is a variation on the classic Kong dog toy in the "Extreme Kong", which is a black lookalike of the red one, except its even tougher and meant for tenacious chewers! This Kong toy is being used by police dog handlers worldwide as a training tool, especially for drugs enforcement and military K-9 teams, AKC competition trainers and lots more besides.

There is a Puppy Kong toy that is smaller but the same shape as the classic and comes in a light blue colour. This is a great toy for training puppies to grow into balanced and well adjusted adult dogs. The new rubber formula is a little softer than the classic Kong, but is still a tough toy to prevent puppies with their needle sharp teeth getting the better of it!

Then there is the Kong Flyer, which is a rubber Frisbee type toy made from the same tough yet flexible rubber that other Kong dog toys are made from. This is a great flying disc for playing with your dog and will fly true and accurately as well as being a soft catch for your dog so it won't hurt his or her jaws.

The Kong Dental is a slightly different type of dog toy in that while it is designed for you dog to chew away at it also acts as a teeth cleaning device that will last for ages as its made from the same tough materials as other Kong dog toys. This Kong Dental helps to reduce plaque and remove food debris from your dog's teeth while providing gentle abrasive cleaning and conditioning of you dog's teeth and gums. It also makes a great fetch toy and can be used as a treat dispenser as well.

Ok, that's all for this doggie toy themed instalment. I'll be reviewing more Kong dog toys in a future post here at the essential Kong toys for dogs blog! So come back again real soon!

Kong Dog Toys

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kong Tennis Toys for Dogs

Kong Tennis toys for dogs is another popular range from the Kong dog toys stable. Following on from the last post Kong Soft Toys for Dogs, where I looked at the Kong soft toys for dogs, here I'm going to look at the other side of dog toys, namely the tennis ball type.

Now when you think of tennis balls and dogs, you conjure up a picture in your mind of a happy dog, tail wagging furiously, waiting for its owner to throw a tennis ball across a field or a lawn or in a park etc. The ball launches in to the air and the excited dog goes hell bent for leather after it, across the grass or dirt like a maniacal arrow flying straight for its target.

Well the Kong tennis toys for dogs are a little different!

For a start, these Kong tennis balls for dogs don't really resemble tennis balls much and they certainly do not fly in a straight line! That's what I love about Kong dog toys - they teach your dog not to chase their prey down in a straight line, but to slow down a bit and figure out how to catch an object that has a mind of its own, bouncing all over the place in different directions and rolling around like a crazy drunken thing!

Well, this range of Kong tennis toys for dogs includes some nice items. This Kong ball line all have a similar texture to a tennis ball and are filled with air, except they are a whole lot tougher. There is an original Kong shaped tennis toy that is not quite as durable as the original rubber Kong dog toy, but better for dogs that don't like rubber toys.

There is a dumbbell bone shaped toy made out of two tennis balls joined by a central tube which is a lot of fun as dogs can take in their jaws either via one ball end or another or hold it centrally like they would do a large bone.

There is a fetch stick which is a simple cylinder shape and great for playing fetch with!

There is a football toy, which comes in the shape of, yep, an American football. Not to be confused with a football that the rest of the world knows, which of course is round! For anyone outside the US then, this toy is actually rugby ball shaped and will bounce in a lot of different directions when thrown for your dog and a huge amount of fun!

There is a really strange looking Kong tennis toy for dogs called Jacks, which is in the shape of a multiple protrusion think which I suppose represents the jacks that kids play with. The dogs had trouble figuring this one out so it got the thumbs down from them!

There is a donut toy that is easy for dogs to get to grips with and they liked to play tug of war with that one!

Finally there are the expected bone shaped toys which dogs always seem to like playing with even though they know they're not really bones. But then why spoil the fun?

So that's the range of Kong tennis toys for dogs explained in a nutshell. For anyone with a dog who loves to play with different toys, I have to recommend these Long tennis toys for dogs as my two enjoyed all of them except the Jacks toy which I'm sure was merely a little too complicated for them to figure out!

That's it until next time!

Kong Dog Toys

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Kong Soft Toys for Dogs

Kong soft toys for dogs is a range that is produced by the Kong Dog Toys manufacturer that is better suited to smaller dogs who are less likely to be able to easily destroy a soft dog toy. Following my last post Kong Dog Toys for Small Dogs, where I looked more specifically at the classic Kong dog toys for small dogs, here I'll pick on the Kong plush toys range.

First up is the Dr Noy's Material Dog toys, which are a range of plush dog toys in several different soft toy characters. To make them interesting, they contain a squeaker that is easily removed and replaced by the owner. This is a great feature, as I know from experience that one particular little strange dog Yorkshire Terrier called Ronnie has a mania about squeaky toys in that they should be "killed" as swiftly as possible. That means the source of the annoying squeak must be located swiftly and silenced with a final, fatal bite!

Yes, Ronnie loves to attack squeaky soft dog toys and get the squeaker out if he can, then chew it up so it will no longer squeak!

So The Kong pet toys materials that these Dr Noy's plush toys from Kong Dog Toys are perfect for a little rascal like Ronnie. If making the squeaker easily removable and replaceable wasn't enough, they also come with a spare squeaker (they must know Ronnie wants one!).

These Kong soft toys for dogs come in the forms of a teddy bear, two slightly different birds, a green dinosaur (just like a dog would come across in its travels... mmm) and a funny looking think that could be a yellow and red spotted duck! There are also some snakes, a squeak dinosaur dog toy, a dog, a squirrel, pigs, rabbits etc. They are all pretty tough as soft toys go, so your dog will get maximum playtime from them!

In addition to the Dr Noy's plush dog toys are the innovative Kong air Q-Tease plush dog toys. These plush toys for dogs are made with non toxic materials and are double stitched for extra durability and long life. Each Q-tease dummy has a built-in internal pouch that is synched tight with their unique, natural cotton dental rope and holds a removable squeaky tennis ball. There is also an additional squeaker in the heads of these Kong soft toys for dogs. If that isn't enough, they also come with a free replacement tennis ball for when you dog takes it outdoors and loses it or gets mugged by a bigger dog!

These Kong air Q-Tease plush dog toys also come in a range of characters, from duck and birds, to penguins and gophers. There are some strange kong air q tease toys like plush green dinosaur squeaky toy types. These air q-tease squeaky toys make great doggy toys and will last well thanks to their durability.

Kong soft toys for dogs are a great addition to your dog's toy basket and will be appreciated by most dogs that like to play with this kind of dog toy.

Kong Dog Toys

Monday, 21 July 2008

Kong Dog Toys for Small Dogs

Kong dog toys for small dogs is the continuation of my last post on Kong Toys For Dogs, where I described many of the benefits that playing with Kong dog toys with a large dog like a German Shepherd brought. In that respect, the Kong dog toy has a dual function both as a plaything and a serious training device that all dogs love to experiment with.

Being so tough and durable, the Kong dog toys are perfect for the strong jaws and sharp teeth of a big dog like a German Shepherd. But they're also equally useful for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers too.

So here I'll talk about some first hand experience I'm having with two of these little critters while they play with their very own small sized Kong dog toys!

Yep, its true that Kong dog toys come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of all sizes of dogs. After all, its no good a little Yorkie Terrier with his small jaws trying to catch and hold onto a Kong dog toy made for the haws of a German Shepherd! So its with the smallest size available of Kong dog toys that I play with my two little Yorkies.

Inside or out is fine for these two little fellers as they're small enough to be able to run around an inside room without wrecking the place as they chase after their bouncing Kong dog toys all over the room! Again, the Kong dog toys act with a dual purpose for these small dogs in firstly teaching them how to chase after an object that is rolling and bouncing in all different directions as opposed to chasing down and killing an escaping prey in the form of a normal ball.

Secondly, it gives the small dogs plenty of exercise and works on all their muscle groups as they have to twist and turn as they run to catch the elusive Kong dog toy as it careers all over the floor in rolls and bounces.

Thirdly, of course its a lot of fun for them as they noisily chase the strange Kong dog toys across the floor! To add spice to the game of chase and catch, I usually fill the hollowed centre of the Kong dog toys with some tasty dog biscuits so that once the Yorkies have caught their prize, they get an added bonus of something tasty to chew at inside the Kong dog toys.

Outside the game takes on a whole new tack, with the Kong dog toys being able to bounce around and cover more distance (without having walls to bounce off). This makes the little dogs work harder in order to catch their Kong dog toys and extract the tasty morsels stuffed in the centres!

The great thing about playing catch with the Kong dog toys is that because it takes the dogs longer to catch and hold onto their quarries, it means longer breaks between having to throw them, which means that on a warm sunny day, their owner can enjoy a cool beer in between throws in the back garden and not feel pressured to pick up and throw a normal ball every few seconds which is what happens in the old game before the Kong dog toys came along!

So if you're curious about these odd looking red rubber Kong dog toys, get yourself one and try it out with your dog. They don't cost very much and are priceless when it comes to having fun with your dogs alongside them getting lots of healthy exercise.

Kong Dog Toys

Friday, 27 June 2008

Kong Toys For Dogs

Jumping straight on from my first post Kong Dog Toys, where I introduced this blog to anyone who might be interested in this ingenious dog toy, I'm going to go with a real life example in the the first of the Kong toys for dogs I ever bought.

It was in 1997 when my German Shepherd puppy Chelsea sort of ceased bing a destructive puppy and had grown into a lean, mean two year old lunatic. She was still so full of beans that nothing seemed to slow her down and the endless long walks in the countryside just made her more hyperactive.

So it was for those times when we played endless games of fetch the ball in the back garden that a friend suggested I try a Kong dog toy. With the Kong toys for dogs, the whole philosophy of a dog like a German Shepherd, who's instinct is to chase down errant sheep and herd them back into the flock, is altered in their play pattern.

Where the German Shepherd's instinct is to chase a ball in a straight line until it catches up with it, has been known to cause problems when they are off the leash and running free in parks etc. They'll chase down a ball as they see it as "prey" and once they catch it, they'll usually bring it back as their herding instincts kick in. People who are not aware of this natural instinct will view a charging German Shepherd with fear which in turn will confuse the dog.

A confused dog faced with a person showing fear will react unpredictably and may attack what they see as a threat, which is why German Shepherds have got a bad name for behavioural problems. Of course the problem is not the dog, it is the misunderstanding human, but you try telling THAT to a person stood rigid with fear at a large dog running towards them. They don't see the ball they're chasing and think its THEM that is the target.

Well, the Kong toys for dogs were originally developed with a strange shape so that when its thrown for a dog to chase, it doesn't go in a straight line. In fact it'll bounce and roll all over the place making it impossible for a dog to chase down like a ball.

The sight of a large dog bounding and switching direction constantly looks to even someone frightened of dogs to be a dog merely playing catch with some strange object,which is one of those Kong toys for dogs!

Now when I bough that first one for Chelsea nearly 11 years ago she took a while to figure out what to do with it. The nice thin about the Kong toys for dogs is that they're also practically indestructible and whats more they're hollow so you can fill them with dog treats to add interest to the game.

Well once I added some cheese to the inside of Chelsea's Kong dog toy, she had no problem chasing it all over the garden - cheese was her absolute favourite treat! It was no real problem to clean it out afterwards and fill it with something else like dog biscuits or even pieces of meat. Each time the game was a long one and the Kong only needed to be thrown a few times as Chelsea would be bounding all over the place trying to catch it for ages between throws.

Well, that was back then and sadly Chelsea is no longer with us, but the two little rascals I have now adore the small sized Kong dog toys I got for them. I'll write some more on how small dogs get on with their own collection of Kong toys for dogs in another post here.

Kong Dog Toys

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Kong Dog Toys

All dog owners know that Kong dog toys are some of the most resilient, tough and hard wearing toys for dogs that you can buy anywhere. These are the definitive toys for dogs and you can get them in most pet stores and other outlets at reasonable prices, depending upon where you go.

Kong Dog Toys

You can also buy these special Kong dog toys online as several pet supplies and specialised dog toys and supplies websites exist that can provide them, usually at the standard retail price plus shipping.

Of course, Kong pet toys are not just for dogs, but also for cats, birds and many other domseticated animals we keep as pets. But this blog is here to focus primarily on the Kong toys for dogs. Here we'll be setting up an interactive online resource for you to be able to obtain a wide range of the many Kong dog toys that are available from a relieable and trusted online outlet. But right now we're keeping that under our hat!

Suffice it to say that for right now, we'll be posting some more information in this blog shortly about the range of Kong dog toys that are available and to give you a good base from which to make your decision as to which of the many great Kong dog toys is best suited to your dog. So whether you're looking for Kong squeaky red ball in the Kong ball line, or a Kong plush toy, or one of those Air Q-tease squeaky toys, or even a simple original Kong dog toy, dogs and Kong make the perfect pair and you'll find out all about them in this blog.

Toys really enhance a dogs life and they are always keen to play, so why not come back here soon and see what we have up our sleeves in the way of Kong dog toys for your best friend.

Kong Dog Toys


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