Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dogs Playing in the Park

Welcome back to this wonderful doggie blog that covers the many aspects of the many mighty Kong toys for dogs that all bring a great deal of fun and pleasure to so many happy dogs and their extremely contented owners.

This outing is more of a doggy ramble than anything else, as with the sunny summer days with us now, there is so much to do outdoors and taking the dogs to the local park is one of life's true pleasures. The two Yorkies of our household are getting on in years, but despite them being 12 years old, they still think they're puppies and act like they don't know how old they are.

There's no problems getting them to go running all over that park chasing their own small sized rubber toys that they still haven't managed to put a dent in yet, even after over a year of owning them! They love to go playing with other dogs too and often end up with all the other local pooches, size no object, in their own extended family pack running around the park like a bunch of demented loonies!

Some of the dogs have their own playthings, including balls, rubber bones etc and there are a few from the Kong company in amongst the rabble. Funny thing is, the dogs all seem to know which are there own things and although they all swap while they're playing together, our two always seem to come back with their own ones every time.

For dogs, this is the greatest part of the day and they all love it immensely.

So enjoy the sunny days and the warm summer afternoons with your dogs in whatever wide open spaces you have near to you. Remember to take some water with you so they can have a drink as they'll get hot and thirsty with all that running around

And enjoy your day, because they sure will!