Saturday, 24 January 2009

Kong Dog Toys for Big Dogs

Kong dog toys for big dogs come in a really comprehensive range of tough rubber dog toys and as such are extremely tough dog toys. I talked about Tough Dog Toys in the last post as these are what the Kong brand name has built its reputation upon.

The popularity of Kong toys right now is through the roof, mainly because people with big dogs with powerful jaws were getting fed up with their pooches obliterating any toys they got them within minutes of opening the package! When the first Kong dog toys appeared in the shops, they certainly looked strange, in that dull red colour and really odd shape. But it soon became apparent that they were almost indestructible in the teeth and jaws of strong dogs that seemed to have finally met their match when it came to yet another "something that must be destroyed".

Dog owners everywhere were waking up in the morning to a happy dog still chewing away at the same toy he was chewing away at when they went to bed and the thing was still intact! Not only that, but it was still perfect for playing fetch with and the dog couldn't get enough of it!

One of the best parts of this game is when you fill the hollow part of the dog toy with some doggy treats that he can spend a while removing and eating once he has caught the toy. So the red Kong dog toys act like a dog treat dispenser as well, giving you two dog toys in one, if you like!

There is, of course that other really important point about the original Kong dog toy and that's in its crazy shape. The design was no accident. It was deliberately made that way so that when you threw it for your dog it would not bounce and roll in a straight line. The reason for this was that most bog dogs are very easily trained to reinforce their natural instinct to chase down and kill their prey. This is done by playing with a normal ball, such as is produced in the Kong tennis toys range or their tough rubber dog ball in red. When you throw a ball for your dog, it behaves just like the dog's natural prey running away at speed. The dog naturally gives chase and of course will catch it, whereupon he will then "kill" it by chewing it until its in several pieces.

The original red Kong dog toy was designed to break that training by not mimicking the dog's prey running away, but instead to bounce all over the place like a demented Mexican jumping bean which stopped the dog from chasing it down. The dog now had to learn a new way of playing that game by switching direction in short bursts which is contrary to its natural instinct to chase in a straight line. It proved highly successful in re-training big dogs not to chase and kill, thereby reducing the potential to chase and maybe even maul a frightened child.

This was the main reasoning behind the design and it has worked incredibly well.

So next time you're looking for some extremely tough dog toys that you can also train your dog to be less aggressive with, the original red Kong dog toys are perfect for this.

Just in case you have a dog that is more than a match for the original red Kong dog toy, they have created an even tougher dog toy in the black extreme Kong dog toy. This is the same shape as the red dog toy, but is made from an even tougher material that will beat almost any dog's jaws. So if you really want some different kinds of dog toys that are totally extremely tough dog toys, these black extreme Kong dog toys are in every sense true durability toys for dogs and certainly the ones to go for!