Monday, 21 July 2008

Kong Dog Toys for Small Dogs

Kong dog toys for small dogs is the continuation of my last post on Kong Toys For Dogs, where I described many of the benefits that playing with Kong dog toys with a large dog like a German Shepherd brought. In that respect, the Kong dog toy has a dual function both as a plaything and a serious training device that all dogs love to experiment with.

Being so tough and durable, the Kong dog toys are perfect for the strong jaws and sharp teeth of a big dog like a German Shepherd. But they're also equally useful for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers too.

So here I'll talk about some first hand experience I'm having with two of these little critters while they play with their very own small sized Kong dog toys!

Yep, its true that Kong dog toys come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of all sizes of dogs. After all, its no good a little Yorkie Terrier with his small jaws trying to catch and hold onto a Kong dog toy made for the haws of a German Shepherd! So its with the smallest size available of Kong dog toys that I play with my two little Yorkies.

Inside or out is fine for these two little fellers as they're small enough to be able to run around an inside room without wrecking the place as they chase after their bouncing Kong dog toys all over the room! Again, the Kong dog toys act with a dual purpose for these small dogs in firstly teaching them how to chase after an object that is rolling and bouncing in all different directions as opposed to chasing down and killing an escaping prey in the form of a normal ball.

Secondly, it gives the small dogs plenty of exercise and works on all their muscle groups as they have to twist and turn as they run to catch the elusive Kong dog toy as it careers all over the floor in rolls and bounces.

Thirdly, of course its a lot of fun for them as they noisily chase the strange Kong dog toys across the floor! To add spice to the game of chase and catch, I usually fill the hollowed centre of the Kong dog toys with some tasty dog biscuits so that once the Yorkies have caught their prize, they get an added bonus of something tasty to chew at inside the Kong dog toys.

Outside the game takes on a whole new tack, with the Kong dog toys being able to bounce around and cover more distance (without having walls to bounce off). This makes the little dogs work harder in order to catch their Kong dog toys and extract the tasty morsels stuffed in the centres!

The great thing about playing catch with the Kong dog toys is that because it takes the dogs longer to catch and hold onto their quarries, it means longer breaks between having to throw them, which means that on a warm sunny day, their owner can enjoy a cool beer in between throws in the back garden and not feel pressured to pick up and throw a normal ball every few seconds which is what happens in the old game before the Kong dog toys came along!

So if you're curious about these odd looking red rubber Kong dog toys, get yourself one and try it out with your dog. They don't cost very much and are priceless when it comes to having fun with your dogs alongside them getting lots of healthy exercise.

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