Sunday, 17 August 2008

Kong Soft Toys for Dogs

Kong soft toys for dogs is a range that is produced by the Kong Dog Toys manufacturer that is better suited to smaller dogs who are less likely to be able to easily destroy a soft dog toy. Following my last post Kong Dog Toys for Small Dogs, where I looked more specifically at the classic Kong dog toys for small dogs, here I'll pick on the Kong plush toys range.

First up is the Dr Noy's Material Dog toys, which are a range of plush dog toys in several different soft toy characters. To make them interesting, they contain a squeaker that is easily removed and replaced by the owner. This is a great feature, as I know from experience that one particular little strange dog Yorkshire Terrier called Ronnie has a mania about squeaky toys in that they should be "killed" as swiftly as possible. That means the source of the annoying squeak must be located swiftly and silenced with a final, fatal bite!

Yes, Ronnie loves to attack squeaky soft dog toys and get the squeaker out if he can, then chew it up so it will no longer squeak!

So The Kong pet toys materials that these Dr Noy's plush toys from Kong Dog Toys are perfect for a little rascal like Ronnie. If making the squeaker easily removable and replaceable wasn't enough, they also come with a spare squeaker (they must know Ronnie wants one!).

These Kong soft toys for dogs come in the forms of a teddy bear, two slightly different birds, a green dinosaur (just like a dog would come across in its travels... mmm) and a funny looking think that could be a yellow and red spotted duck! There are also some snakes, a squeak dinosaur dog toy, a dog, a squirrel, pigs, rabbits etc. They are all pretty tough as soft toys go, so your dog will get maximum playtime from them!

In addition to the Dr Noy's plush dog toys are the innovative Kong air Q-Tease plush dog toys. These plush toys for dogs are made with non toxic materials and are double stitched for extra durability and long life. Each Q-tease dummy has a built-in internal pouch that is synched tight with their unique, natural cotton dental rope and holds a removable squeaky tennis ball. There is also an additional squeaker in the heads of these Kong soft toys for dogs. If that isn't enough, they also come with a free replacement tennis ball for when you dog takes it outdoors and loses it or gets mugged by a bigger dog!

These Kong air Q-Tease plush dog toys also come in a range of characters, from duck and birds, to penguins and gophers. There are some strange kong air q tease toys like plush green dinosaur squeaky toy types. These air q-tease squeaky toys make great doggy toys and will last well thanks to their durability.

Kong soft toys for dogs are a great addition to your dog's toy basket and will be appreciated by most dogs that like to play with this kind of dog toy.

Kong Dog Toys