Saturday, 11 October 2008

Kong Rubber Toys for Dogs

Kong rubber toys for dogs is what this post is all about. Following on from my last post here entitled: Kong Tennis Toys for Dogs, I'm going to take a closer look at some of the highly popular Kong rubber toys for dogs. These rubber Kong dog toys are made from an exclusive, natural rubber compound that is extremely hard wearing and as close to indestructible as you're going to get in any dog toys.

So where do we start? Well, I've already talked extensively about the highly popular original Kong dog toys, those strange looking hollow red rubber dog throw toy that shaped like a rugby ball and bounces all over the place. That particular indestructible sdog chew rugby ball looking toy is easily the most popular with my dogs! So let's look at some of the other Kong dog toys that are available for dogs to have a good time with!

There is a variation on the classic Kong dog toy in the "Extreme Kong", which is a black lookalike of the red one, except its even tougher and meant for tenacious chewers! This Kong toy is being used by police dog handlers worldwide as a training tool, especially for drugs enforcement and military K-9 teams, AKC competition trainers and lots more besides.

There is a Puppy Kong toy that is smaller but the same shape as the classic and comes in a light blue colour. This is a great toy for training puppies to grow into balanced and well adjusted adult dogs. The new rubber formula is a little softer than the classic Kong, but is still a tough toy to prevent puppies with their needle sharp teeth getting the better of it!

Then there is the Kong Flyer, which is a rubber Frisbee type toy made from the same tough yet flexible rubber that other Kong dog toys are made from. This is a great flying disc for playing with your dog and will fly true and accurately as well as being a soft catch for your dog so it won't hurt his or her jaws.

The Kong Dental is a slightly different type of dog toy in that while it is designed for you dog to chew away at it also acts as a teeth cleaning device that will last for ages as its made from the same tough materials as other Kong dog toys. This Kong Dental helps to reduce plaque and remove food debris from your dog's teeth while providing gentle abrasive cleaning and conditioning of you dog's teeth and gums. It also makes a great fetch toy and can be used as a treat dispenser as well.

Ok, that's all for this doggie toy themed instalment. I'll be reviewing more Kong dog toys in a future post here at the essential Kong toys for dogs blog! So come back again real soon!

Kong Dog Toys