Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kong Dog Treat Dispenser

As a follow up on my previous post Kong Rubber Toys for Dogs, where I outlined all of the Kong rubber dog toys, I'll get a bit more specific in this post. I want to take a closer look at the Kong dog treat dispensers that are available from the Kong Dog Toy company.

First of all, what is meant by a Kong dog treat dispenser?

Well, it is a device that you can put in some special doggie treats that will dispense the tasty morsels to your dog while he plays with it. This makes them especially useful for people who have to leave their dog at home on a regular basis, like for instance when you go to work.

It's a great idea as the dog is likely sitting around at home bored out of his skull just waiting for his beloved owner to return to the den. This gives him something to occupy himself with and while away the otherwise dead time spent alone.

Well, the range of "Planet Kong" doggie reward dispensing toys helps to break up that monotony a little by dispensing a tasty morsel of his favorite snack every so often while he chews away at the toy. It will keep your dog interested and alert as well as keeping him away from chewing more valuable items in your home!

There is one of the products called Stuff-a-Ball, which is an expandable ball that the dog can play with but that can also be stuffed with either edible dog chews, or the dental sticks that are so good for keeping his teeth clean.

There is also the Biscuit Ball, which is another great treatie dispensing toy with four posts for stuffing with doggy bones, dog biscuits or other tempting doggy chewables that the dog can munch away at rather than at your furniture!

Another clever product is the Goody Ship and Mini Goodie Ship, which are frisbee shaped toys that can be stuffed with dog biscuits or bones and played with your dog just like playing frisbees in the park. Except there is a nice surprise inside for your dog once he catches it!

There are also Goodie Balls and Goodie Bones that are, not surprisingly, ball and bone shaped rubber toys specially made for stuffing with chewie things that your dog is guaranteed to fall in love with!

New to the range is the Jump'n Jack, an ultra bouncy Kong toy in the same natural rubber as the other toys in the range. This toy is great fun as its "jack" shape means it has an unpredictable bounce that dogs love to chase plus the benefit of the food dispensing hollow that can be filled with your dog's favorite edible things.

Also in the Planet Kong range is an Xtreme Planet Kong set of products in many of the favourite shapes and toys just mentioned but in the Xtreme Kong material. This is super resilient rubber for larger dogs who have a mind to try to destroy anything they're given.

These are even more robust than the standard Kong dispensing products. So they are a good choice for owners of particularly destructive little darlings!

What dog wouldn't love to be playing with one of those right now?