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Kong Tennis Toys for Dogs

Kong Tennis toys for dogs is another popular range from the Kong dog toys stable. Following on from the last post Kong Soft Toys for Dogs, where I looked at the Kong soft toys for dogs, here I'm going to look at the other side of dog toys, namely the tennis ball type.

Now when you think of tennis balls and dogs, you conjure up a picture in your mind of a happy dog, tail wagging furiously, waiting for its owner to throw a tennis ball across a field or a lawn or in a park etc. The ball launches in to the air and the excited dog goes hell bent for leather after it, across the grass or dirt like a maniacal arrow flying straight for its target.

Well the Kong tennis toys for dogs are a little different!

For a start, these Kong tennis balls for dogs don't really resemble tennis balls much and they certainly do not fly in a straight line! That's what I love about Kong dog toys - they teach your dog not to chase their prey down in a straight line, but to slow down a bit and figure out how to catch an object that has a mind of its own, bouncing all over the place in different directions and rolling around like a crazy drunken thing!

Well, this range of Kong tennis toys for dogs includes some nice items. This Kong ball line all have a similar texture to a tennis ball and are filled with air, except they are a whole lot tougher. There is an original Kong shaped tennis toy that is not quite as durable as the original rubber Kong dog toy, but better for dogs that don't like rubber toys.

There is a dumbbell bone shaped toy made out of two tennis balls joined by a central tube which is a lot of fun as dogs can take in their jaws either via one ball end or another or hold it centrally like they would do a large bone.

There is a fetch stick which is a simple cylinder shape and great for playing fetch with!

There is a football toy, which comes in the shape of, yep, an American football. Not to be confused with a football that the rest of the world knows, which of course is round! For anyone outside the US then, this toy is actually rugby ball shaped and will bounce in a lot of different directions when thrown for your dog and a huge amount of fun!

There is a really strange looking Kong tennis toy for dogs called Jacks, which is in the shape of a multiple protrusion think which I suppose represents the jacks that kids play with. The dogs had trouble figuring this one out so it got the thumbs down from them!

There is a donut toy that is easy for dogs to get to grips with and they liked to play tug of war with that one!

Finally there are the expected bone shaped toys which dogs always seem to like playing with even though they know they're not really bones. But then why spoil the fun?

So that's the range of Kong tennis toys for dogs explained in a nutshell. For anyone with a dog who loves to play with different toys, I have to recommend these Long tennis toys for dogs as my two enjoyed all of them except the Jacks toy which I'm sure was merely a little too complicated for them to figure out!

That's it until next time!

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