Friday, 5 December 2008

Tough Dog Toys

Tough dog toys are something many dog owners are looking for to keep their pet happy for longer, as dog toys that last are always welcome in my home! My last post Kong Dog Treat Dispensers, looked at those cleverly designed devices for giving your dog a treat while he plays with the dog toy. Now we'll look more broadly at the reasons for giving your dog what can best be described as tough dog toys.

Tough dog toys come in all shapes and sizes and from a number of different manufacturers, but as you can see from the obvious theme of this blog, I'll be taking a closer look at those tough rubber dog toys made by the King Dog Toys company in particular.

Within the Kong Dog Toy range, there are many differently shapes and sized rubber dog toys that are very, very tough indeed and will take a dog with a lot of determination and strong teeth and jaws to get the better of. There are the classic Kong toy shaped as in the small image at the top of this page, that comes in red and is hollow and act like a dog treat dispenser for you to insert some nice dog treats. That's so that when your dog eventually catches the toy after you've thrown it, which will bounce all over the place, he will have something nice to keep him occupied for a while. There are also other different Kong toy shapes such as Kong dog bone shapes, dog dental sticks, dog balls etc. There is also a range of Kong puppy toy shapes that are perfect for chewing puppies to get their needle like teeth into!

Tough dog toys don't just come in the rubber dog toys variety either. You can also get some extremely tough dog toys that come in the shape of a rope dog toy, which is great for playing tug-of-war with your dog. He'll be able to pull and tug as much as he can but it'll be a long time before he manages to break it, if ever.

Tough Plush Dog Toys?

There are also a range of plush dog toys from Kong which are, for their type, extremely durable whilst being soft and fun to play with. Tough, plush dog toys that last are a great addition to your dog's toy basket and add variety and interest to your dog's playing times keeping him happy and contented for as long as you allow. With the Kong plush dog toys, they are double stitched for extra durability and come in a number of great shapes and designs, such as the soft bone, chicken, dinosaur as well as some nice tennis toys for dogs etc.

Of course, even the mighty Kong plush dog toys are not indestructible dog toys and to a determined dog they will eventually fall prey to his teeth, but they'll outlast the cheap versions by a very long margin. Cheap plush dog toys are something of a false economy as they are usually destroyed by your dog in a matter of minutes. However the Kong toys will last infinitely longer, making them a better choice in the long run.

Whichever tough dog toys you go for, bear in mind the well respected and highly recommended Kong dog toys for your dog, from their rubber dog toys through to the soft, plush dog toys. They'll all be appreciated by your dog, who is the one that'll be playing with them after all!

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